Blocked Drains

blocked drainsBlocked drains are a common problem for New Zealand homes and if you have not experienced the problem yourself, it’s highly likely you do know somebody that has. Blocked drains are a serious health hazard, that develop into several other inconveniences that are both destructive and costly if not attended to.

Here are some problems caused by blocked drains

  • Unhygienic environment
  • Structural damage to building
  • Flooding
  • Carpet and wooden floorboard damage
  • Furniture ruined and appliances damaged
  • Unrepairable drain issues

How We Fix Your Blocked Drains

Removing blockage

KD Plumbing vehicles are fitted with powerful drain clearing equipment for drain cleaning. A metal spring will cut through just about anything in its way, including silt, tree roots, site rubble and in quite often solid matter such as concrete and timber by using the cutting head.


Once we have cleared your blockage and you are back up and flowing we will in some circumstances recommend a CCTV operator to survey the pipe to find the cause and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Our plumbers are straight up and honest with you when suggesting the ideal option moving forward. It might be that we recommend having yours drains cleared periodically, installing new sections of pipe or carrying out high tech pipe relining technology. Drain technology has improved dramatically over the years in terms of blocked drain investigation, detecting pipe locations, diagnosing and repair techniques. When you hire KD Plumbing to carry out your drain unblocking, you are in safe hands.

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