Gas Central Heating

Warm up with Central Heating!

Different areas of Auckland, require different levels of heating, and with such a variety of systems on the market, how can you tell what will suit you the best?

We Can Help You

Regarding Gas Heating, KD Plumbing focuses on two types of heating, to cater to separate scenarios.

  1. Central heating
  2. Space heating

Let’s compare the details of each of these heating systems and find their differences to help you determine which category fits your needs.

Central heating

Cooler climates will need a system that can consistently provide heating, there are parts of Auckland that can feel colder than others. In these cooler parts it’s important that homes stay warm and to make this happen you need to ensure that you have a system specifically designed to your needs.

Central heating will keep your home at a comfortable warm temperature consistently, by using a single source of heat. The design of these will allow the system to maintain and deliver a steady set temperature, to ensure you remain comfortable and never get cold feet again.

The general function of a gas boiler starts by the unit heating air, then fans transport that warm air to room vents via a network of ducting.

We can fit these vents either at low level, or at high levels, depending on the specific design and if a zone or room has an individual thermostat. The thermostat in separate locations will allow the user to control different temperatures in different areas of the home. A great function of this is that you can set the heat in the lounge area lower than the heat in the bedrooms, or vice versa depending on your requirements.

A few of the advantages of central heating are:

  • Heat produced consistently, regularly.
  • You can heat your entire house via one system.
  • Separate areas can be controlled individually according to preference.
  • By heating an area consistently, it requires less energy to heat a room from stone cold.
  • You will feel more comfortable in your own home during the day and night.

Space Heating

Luckily on the North Shore in Auckland, we don’t require heating all year round.

You can get standard space heaters and the other type called Wall Furnace Space Heaters, both heating systems are great at warming by applying heat directly to the cold area. Whereas central heating can apply heat to your entire home. Space Heating allows you to heat selected sections of your home. In some situations, this can be more efficient and economical for the homeowner.

We have listed the key advantages of Space Heating and Wall Furnace Heating below:

  • Minimal power usage as it runs primarily on gas.
  • Modern and sleek designs.
  • Able to operate via LPG or Natural Gas.
  • Utilize a flue so that products of combustion are vented to atmosphere, instead of being circulated internally which is the downside of room heaters.
  • A heat source that is reliably consistent.
  • Quiet when operating
  • Eco friendly

The market for space heaters is large and confusing, so let KD Plumbing help you choose the correct system to keep you warm and comfortable over the cooler months.