Plumber’s Guide to Bathroom Renovations in Auckland

KD Plumbing will guide you through Bathroom Renovations in Auckland. If you would like to either modernise an old existing bathroom or create a stylish brand new one the crew at KD Plumbing will help you from start to finish while you make your dream bathroom. Because we are specialist bathroom plumbers we have the ability to tailor a bathroom renovations that will suit your personal style and budget.
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Have a browse through our Bathroom Renovations Guide. We hope that this guide will give you some fresh ideas on how to renovate your bathroom into a stunning space.

A Detailed Guide to Bathroom Renovations Auckland

You will love having a beautiful bathroom.

With all the hard work you have done to own a home it is now time to make it a personal space.

A remodelled bathroom can ensure you have a clean and healthy environment for your kids.

Bathroom Renovations

When designing a bathroom that is appealing to the homeowners and guests, certain methods must be followed to ensure it will look fantastic. Do you have a bathroom in need of a clean? Don’t worry, we all have bathrooms that get to that point occasionally. The reality is that regular use of bathrooms over time leave stains and dirt in hard to reach places and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get them looking like new again.

We understand renovations can be a large investment. Bathroom renovations cost $10,000 for a full makeover. For homeowners who have recently bought, this can be a very costly. We recommend that you plan thoroughly and allow a buffer in your budget (it’s important to have a budget bathroom renovations Auckland) to allow for any unexpected costs that may arise.

If this is your first time, then start by seeking options when planning to renovate your bathroom. Bathroom renovations can often turn into a complex project that will leave beginners put off. By seeking out multiple options and various designs will aid you in getting a better understanding about what options are available with your allocated bathroom area and then you can begin to calculate the budget you will need to put aside for your renovation.

An effective way to minimize costs is to hire a professional. Giving a bathroom renovation DIY project a go, can cause unneeded damage to your house and quite often your budget. Professional plumbers are equipped to be able to achieve efficient bathroom renovations services, from the beginning to the end and can sometimes be cheaper and much less hassle than bathroom renovations shops.

KD Plumbing is a plumbing company that has certified plumbers who are experienced and trustworthy. We can make the renovation project simple through services that are tailored to your needs. If you require professional advice, KD Plumbing are your local plumbers. Call now 0210468037 to talk about your bathroom renovation plans.

Why should I renovate my bathroom?

Your bathroom is a space you use daily.

You will feel better as you enter a personally designed beautiful space each time you wake up and go to sleep. The advantages of renovating the bathroom are endless!

KD Plumbing, can help renovate your bathroom. We have helped endless homeowners across the North Shore in Auckland change their homes. Our friendly advice and professional care, have helped allow homeowners fall in love with their new bathroom.

Prevent Future Damage

You may have an older house with certain fixtures that don’t work. The older the house, the higher likelihood that the bathroom will be due for a renovation. Old houses and villas can have expensive costs due to rotten timber.

You might have an old shower or bath with cast iron or copper pipework that does not flow as efficiently as new PVC pipework. Bathroom renovations can prevent damage by leaking pipes and other issues in the long run.

A new renovation will give you a clean modern look. If your bathroom requires repairs, it is recommended to have a home that is brought up to today’s standards. Old houses can take more time for plumbers to carry out the repairs.

Increase your House Value

By completing renovations to your bathroom, the value of your home can dramatically increase. You can expect between 10-20% increase from the houses current price.

When you decide to sell, that renovation will be a huge deciding factor for new buyers. As you have done the hard yards by carrying out the bathroom renovation you will be rewarded by an increased value of your home.

5 Easy Bathroom Renovation Steps

Bathroom Renovations
Smart Budget & Research

People often don’t budget effectively for their bathroom renovation. A budget should be created with the worst case scenario in mind to allow for unforeseen circumstances.

Some previous renovations we have seen – Hidden water damage caused by broken tiles and loose water seals. These unseen damages can add up to $1,000 additionally to your first budget.

KD Plumbing can have a very detailed look at the start of your remodelling process.

Our registered plumber will examine the bathroom and locate trouble areas.

We advise that you allow a 10-15% buffer to your initial budget. If unforeseen repairs arise, the buffer can absorb that. If you don’t need to use this buffer by the end of the project, then you have a bit of excess for the next project.

Use a Professional Plumber

First homeowners often make the mistake of thinking they can complete the renovation on their own. While this can be done, it is usually plagued with problems and can take a longer than usual.

It’s extremely common for people who plan to redesign their bathroom to take a lot of flawed approaches in the process. You don’t have to put up with the stress of renovating your own bathroom.

That’s where we come in.

A bathroom renovation project can go from one problem to another if you are inexperienced. A remodelled bathroom that is no backed by professional assistance can result in substandard results and a poorly designed bathroom.

KD Plumbing is only a call away.

We are here to help you plan the process for your new bathroom as it can be daunting fixing your bathroom alone. With our help you can save time, money and best of be left with an outstanding bathroom.

Simplify Your Design

You must ask these two questions when designing your bathroom renovation project: Does the design flow with the rest of the home? Is my design simple?

People usually start with an overly complicated design in the beginning of their bathroom project. What we have learnt is that these complicated designs go hand in hand with problems. Begin with a simple design and build your bathroom progressively.

Remember to look at the existing features of your home and if you are happy with them then match it with the bathroom so that it can coincide with the complete look of the home. It wouldn’t make sense to design a European themed bathroom inside an Asian style house.

Browse multiple sources for inspiration. Magazines, websites and photos of elegantly designed bathrooms will help you to make an outstanding design. Look on our Pinterest page to see a collection of stunning bathrooms.

Finalize the Design

Something you might not have realized is that at KD Plumbing we also specialise in creating floor plans, and sketches for bathroom remodels.

The drafted sketch will give you an idea of the bathrooms completed look. Have a look at the sketches to see if there are any changes you would like to make to ensure a fantastic final design.

Once you have had a thorough look through the floor plans and sketches of your bathroom, give us a call to get an estimate. We offer our clients an affordable price and an estimated time for the project to be completed.

Prepare for Installation & Completion

Once you have finished the tough stuff, the last thing to do is wait. Remodelling bathrooms will require several calls to plumbers, designers, tradesman and many more to guarantee a high-quality result.

An important question to ask is “When will the tradesmen arrive to start this project? This lets your contractors know the available dates so that they can efficiently renovate your bathroom.

Project can last from six weeks right up to eight months. So, understanding what to tell your contractors throughout the project will save several thousand dollars’ worth of annoying issues.

Enjoy decorating your bathroom. After the bathroom has been remodelled, splash some colour into the space. Designer towels, plants and accessories will put your personal touch into your bathroom.

Consider your options

Creating a new bathroom is not an easy task. However, the rewards far outweigh the blood, sweat, labour and time placed into your project. Homeowners who have remodelled before will understand that the choices during the early stages when designing their bathroom must be effective.

You can choose whoever you need to complete this project. Need a plumber? We have one ready. Looking for an experienced gasfitter to fit the gas water? We have that covered too.

We recommend that you carry out a thorough inspection of your bathroom before commencing the project. Check all aspects of your bathroom to find out if there are any issues in the water pipework, fixtures, toilets and air quality. Solving existing problems will be easier down the track if you check for them first.

Make sure that you answer these two questions:

1. Will the layout work? Does the bathroom layout align with the number of people occupying your home? Will this bathroom be use by a large or small family? Make sure the bathroom design is suitable for everybody that will be using it.

2. Is there enough space for storage? How will the use of space affect storage in your newly remodelled bathroom? Is there enough room? If not then consider shuffling the design to create more storage.

Take your time!

Many homeowners make the mistake of rushing through the steps when redesigning their bathroom. Even though remodelling your bathroom is an exciting project, you need to slow down before mistakes are made.

The rush to hastily get the project finished creates even more issues.

The project is a significant cost and to make sure it is done completed exactly how you envisioned it is to plan effectively. Skipping important steps in the planning process will increase your costs of renovating by up to 30%.

Don’t take shortcuts during the planning process! A solid plan should take several weeks to a few months to develop. Skipping steps through this process will only result in a substandard finished project.

KD Plumbing recommend that you utilise social media sites including Pinterest find fresh ideas. Pinterest will allow you to search a specific theme that would you like to follow. Find unique new fixtures, lighting, tapware, mirrors and designs to utilize on your project.
Ask one of our friendly staff to discuss custom made copper projects we can design and build for you. Call us now on 0210468037 to get started.

Ventilation and Illumination are key!

A bathroom fan is an essential piece of equipment for every bathroom to stop the growth of black mould and damaged caused by condensation. Ventilation can be drastically improved by adding extractor fans, vents and humidity sensing units.

The recommend volume of proper ventilation in your bathroom is at least 50 cubic feet. If you have a larger area, then that number will need to be increased.

Lighting looks fantastic when you can create several layers of illumination. With a single source of lighting the chance of deep shadows is high. There are several unique ways of including extra illumination in your bathroom such as having lights built into the face of mirrors or behind them and strip lighting under the cabinetry.

Sufficient lighting to create a bright space will add more value to your bathroom. Using natural lighting to illuminate the space is also a great idea. A bathroom with low light is not recommended.

Consider what the natural light is doing at the times of day you will be using your bathroom to ensure you design your renovation layout in the most effective way.

Tradesmen are essential for a stunning bathroom!

Bathroom renovations require several professionals of different trades. This can be tricky to juggle but it is possible if the right people are hired.

Tradies including Plumbers, Electricians and Designers can increase the value of a home. Each one of these professionals is required to complete a remodeled bathroom project.

The following 5 tradesmen are needed to complete a renovated bathroom. Without each one of these trades, time will be wasted, budget will be blown, and resources will be underutilized.

Plumbers: Plumbers are the specialists who can fix the pipes and water flow of your house. Toilet won’t to flush properly? Call a plumber in for that.
KD Plumbing is a trusted and reliable plumbing company based on the North Shore. Our experienced services can reduce the cost of repairs and renovation by 50%. We aim to provide the highest quality service and leave you with a bathroom that will impress guests.
Designers: A skilled designer can provide ideas on the most effective bathroom layout to suit your needs. A qualified designer can aid you throughout the process to turn your sketches into reality. Our designer is also a qualified architect and will make sure that your bathroom is exactly how you want!
Carpenters: There are some aspects during your bathroom renovation that will require the skills of a builder. Carpenters are masters of woodwork and building walls in your bathroom. These skills will cut down time and money spent compared to if you did it yourself! Hiring a builder will make sure that your bathroom is remodelled following strict building standards.
Painters: Painters will bring your bathroom to life by adding colours to the walls and ceiling. Employing a painter will take the hassle out of sanding the existing paint and several hours of applying coat after coat of paint.
Electricians: You can’t use your new bathroom at night without lights! Hiring a qualified electrician will make the fan and light installation process a breeze. A good sparky can also add additional power points and rcd switches to ensure your family is safe.

Bathroom Inspiration

Your bathroom is a masterpiece

Once the renovation phase is completed, your bathroom will look great.

The new mixer looks amazing and now you have a beautiful addition to your home.

It will feel fantastic!

The tricky part is keeping it that way. Ensure that regularly clean and properly maintained after it is renovated. Even if you take a few minutes every now and again to closely inspect the area as there could be small repairs that need to be done to ensure the longevity of your new bathroom.

Your bathroom lifespan is directly corresponded to how well you care for it. Taking care of the bathroom will help retain the fantastic feel and look of it. Nor you or your guests would want to walk into a dirty bathroom with mouldy silicone and a leaking toilet.

Why KD Plumbing are the best

We’ve said it before and we will say it again.

A homeowner will require help during bathroom renovations.

Renovations costs can range from up to $10,000 to $40,000.

Undertaking this by yourself will generate problems, frustration and repairs. Homeowners who try to do it solo will be put off by the difficulty and complexity it involves. The most common mistake new homeowners make is cutting corners while trying to lower costs.

For consistent guaranteed results, employ professionals who will make your life easy.

That’s where we fit in.

KD Plumbing is a local family owned plumbing business.
Our plumbers are all qualified and skilled to do the job properly. We are constantly upskilling with the latest products to remain at the forefront of the plumbing industry.

We not only offer plumbing but also the following services:

  • Emergency Plumbing
  • Back flow prevention
  • Gas Fitting
  • Gas Installations & Repair

We take great care of all our customers. Once you have spoken to one of our friendly staff, we will provide you with a competitive estimate.

We operate across all North Shore suburbs in Auckland.
If you are located outside of the area above, that is no problem! Call us to see if we have a plumber heading out to your location.

If you have any further questions, call 0210468037. We will promptly organize for a plumber to come to your home, evaluate the situation and undertake any repair needed.