Gas Safety Certificate

How do I get a Gas Safety Certificate or Certificate of Compliance?

The gas safety certificate will only be filled out by a licensed gas fitter once the installation and commission of a gas appliance in your home or business is completed. The gas fitter will provide you with a certificate that you must keep. A gas GSC and CoC is a legal requirement that states a gas fitter must issue one within 10 days. You will also be issued a certificate if there has been an extension or alteration done to an existing service as well as new installations.

Need a Gas Safety Certificate or Certificate of Compliance?

Our gas fitting technicians will issue you with a GSC and CoC after completing an extension or alteration project to an existing service or a completely new system installation. Our work is guaranteed to be of the highest standards.

Why do I need a Gas Safety Certificate and Certificate of Compliance?

A gas safety certificate that has been issued by a certified gas fitter ensures that the gas installation, extension or alteration meets strict compliance standards and regulations. This certificate can be used to protect yourself if problems arise due to faulty workmanship. The gas fitter will be held accountable and required to fix the issue. Insurance companies require you have this certificate too.

Ask for the card!

Only some plumbers are gas fitters and unfortunately many plumbers carry out gas work when they are not qualified to do so. Licensed gas fitters will carry an identity card from the NZ PGDB which will state if they are qualified to carry out gas, plumbing or drainlaying. If you have any concerns about your gas fitter you can request to see their gas fitters license or call the New Zealand Plumbers, gas fitters and drainlayers board on 0800743262 to confirm the gas fitter is licensed.


By hiring an unlicensed gas fitter any appliance warranties could be void along with your home and business insurance cover. Even more importantly it could result in your gas system being unsafe.

Expert Gas Fitters

For experienced and licensed professionals call KD Plumbing for prompt gas installations from home gas heating to new connections, we are on hand to service your gas needs. Don’t hesitate to call 0210468037 today.