Blocked Kitchen Sink Drain

A blocked kitchen sink is very common and can create a huge hassle. If you currently have this problem, you are not alone. Luckily you don’t need to worry our plumbers are specialists in unblocking blocked kitchen sink drain! We have a solution for ANY blocked drain blocked drain problems. A kitchen sink not draining is a very common reason our plumbers are sent out to houses across North Shore in Auckland.

My Kitchen Sink Blocked, Why?

Grease. This is the likely culprit to why you have a blocked kitchen sink. It is the most obvious and common cause in a kitchen. Little pieces of food scraps are often flushed down the sink while doing washing and cleaning. You don’t pay much attention to these little scraps at the time, but over a period of time these tiny pieces of food and grease will build up along the sides of the pipe and cause a larger, thicker blockage.

You may notice you have a slow draining sink, this is the first indication that you have an impending sink blockage. When you use your kitchen sink the water will not drain away quick enough and the sink may start to fill up. If this is the scenario, you could turn the tap off and allow the water enough time to drain, but if you leave the tap on then your sink would over flow.

The water in your sink should always drain away quickly and if not, then there is likely to be an obstruction in the pipe. At this point of the blockage it is best to call a blocked kitchen sink plumber as this is the time when unblocking will be easiest, quickest, cost you the least and only cause a minor disruption to your home. If possible, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Besides the usual culprits including grease and food scraps, a blocked drain from your kitchen sink can be caused by bigger objects stuck in the pipe work like cutlery or kitchen utensils.

Local Plumber to unblock your Kitchen Sink

Our experienced plumbers have multiple unblocking options for kitchen sinks. Generally, they are successful using one of these following methods; plunger and drain acid, plumbers snake, or hydro jetting.

If other drains including your kitchen sink are blocked, then there could be an issue further down the line. In this situation we would recommend a CCTV drain camera inspection to specifically identify the cause.

Broken pipes will cause blockages and will need to be repaired by a plumber through methods such as pipe replacement. The most effective and efficient way to deal with a blocked kitchen sink is to call a registered plumber. KD Plumbing offer upfront, honest pricing and strive for to get to you as fast as possible, if you find yourself in need of a trusted local plumber, call 0210468037