Water Filter Installation

Water is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but if you are getting your water directly from the tap you could be risking you and your family’s health.

A little known fact is that each time you have a glass of water straight from the tap or buy bottled water, it’s highly likely that you‘re ingesting a much higher dose of harmful chemical than you are aware of including chlorine, fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), various hormones and pesticides.

Popular filters that we install:

  • Undersink filter
  • Whole House Filter systems
  • Water Cooler units
  • Counter Top Filter
  • Purity Reverse Osmosis (RO filter)

Is tap water safe?

Water Filter Installation Auckland tap water is filtered to a high standard, but you will still be surprised what is found under a microscope. Water out of your house tap has been through kilometres of pipework. There are many old deteriorating pipes still around Auckland including Asbestos pipelines and as the water passes through it is picking up contaminants, pesticides and more.

Before its reaches your house it has been disinfected with harsh chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and or chloramines and fluoride added.

A new issue facing Auckland water is microplastic pollution. Watercare who is Aucklands water supplier is currently not filtering these plastic beads and fibres.

These plastic microfibres leach endocrine-disrupting chemicals and carry persistent organic pollutants in increasing concentrations into our water.

Do you want to be consuming microbeads? Ask us for a comprehensive water quality test which will allow us to specifically design a water filter system that will ensure your optimal health.

Bottled water may not be the best alternative

Bottled water has been found to contain microplastic and could actually be waste of money which is adding to the burdening 300 million tonnes of plastic landfill each year. Bottled water is loosely regulated so you may not be aware of where it comes from and what is in it.

To add to the argument against bottled water, the manufacturing process of producing bottled water is extremely wasteful, with approximately 3 litres of water needed to make only 1 litre of actual drinking water!

Why should you call us to install a Water Filter?

  • The taste of filtered water is much better than tap water! This is huge factor.
  • You will save money by installing a filtered water system. Water filters give you instant access to clean water that is cheaper than bottled water. A water filter unit will save you up to $2.90 per litre.
  • Your health is vitally important and even more so for kids. Water filters provide the healthiest water to ensure that their developing immune systems are not hindered.
  • A high quality water filter can remove chlorine and chlorine byproducts, which will minimise the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer.
  • By eliminating cryptosporidium and giardia the tap water, by using a filter you can reduce the risk of contracting gastrointestinal disease by up to 35%.

Our Water filters are able to remove lead and other harmful contaminants from drinking water at the water pipe entry to your house or to a fixture. With over 2050 known toxins in unfiltered drinking water it makes sense to protect yourself by installing a filter.