Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

Heat Pump Hot Water System

Heat Pump Hot Water System are great alternatives to solar powered systems. This system is environmentally friendly, and a unit that is becoming more popular in Auckland homes.

Solar hot water systems source their energy from the sun, whereas a heat pump will take energy from the air. With this method it means a heat pump system could be saving you three times as much electricity when compared to an electric hot water system. KD Plumbing understands the unique needs of every family and household. Our heat pump experts are always happy to sit down and discuss the range of options to find what suits you your needs.

We know that upgrading from a gas or electric system to heat pump hot water heater that has been reliably working for your family for years can appear to be a daunting undertaking, and that’s why our friendly and reliable plumbers are there to support you through the entire project, from the first contact till the hot water is flowing.

How do Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Work?

Heat pump hot water heaters operate with similar principles to refrigerators but the opposite way. Heat Pumps work by drawing available energy from outside air, extracting heat and then transferring it to the water that is stored in your tank.

This type of system has its benefits for your home and also the environment. Get in touch today and one of our friendly team members will get you all the information so you can make an informed decision and one that is the best suited to your needs.

Heat Pump Hot Water System Installation & Repairs:

If you are ready to upgrade from your current hot water system to a heat pump hot water system, or if you would like to learn a bit more about heat pump systems then call us on 0210468037, our hot water experts are experienced and ready to help across all North Shore Suburbs. If you find yourself with a faulty heat pump hot water heater don’t hesitate to also give us a call, we also offer after hours emergency services and we are only ever a phone call away!

Brands we trust in new heat pump hot water heaters include: Rheem, Bosch