Gas Leak Detection

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Emergency Gas Leak Repair

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What to do if you have a gas leakage?
If you can smell or hear gas leaking then turn the supply off at the main isolation valve near the gas meter or on the gas cylinder (LPG) immediately. It will generally be a yellow handle that you need to look for. Contact a certified gas fitter to carry out a test and repair if you suspect a gas leak is occurring.

  • Seize operating any gas appliance if you think it has a leak.
  • Do not ignite a match or lighter to test for a gas leak.
  • Turn off all gas appliances, including pilot lights and gas hot water systems.
  • Try not to use electrical equipment, turning power points on or off, using a phone, or unplugging appliances near a suspected leak.
  • Open windows and doors and allow ventilation if a leak is discovered indoors.
  • Try and avoid the area until repair has been made.

Turn off all gas appliances

Why is a gas leak dangerous?

Gas leaks can result in fire and explosion which makes them extremely hazardous. Both natural gas and LPG are extremely flammable which means the risk factor is the same for either. A very spark caused by static electricity or an electrical appliance can result in the gas igniting.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer among Auckland homes and occurs when gas appliances are not creating complete combustion. An indication that your appliance needs attention is if you notice black soot around the flue. Carbon monoxide, when inhaled, is quickly absorbed into the blood can lead to nerve and tissue damage, and possibly death. Pets are often the first victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t delay in calling a licensed gas fitter if you suspect that you may have a gas leak.

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