Rinnai Instant Gas Hot Water Systems

Rinnai is a brand that KD Plumbing trusts as it provides families all across the North Shore in Auckland with cutting edge, efficient water heating solutions that are friendly on the environment. Over the years we have supplied many customers with a Rheem unit and have had positive feedback on its performance and reliability. If you believe that Rinnai instantaneous gas hot water systems could be a good choice for your continuous flow system, then don’t hesitate to call us to find out when we can have a friendly hot water expert from KD Plumbing on your doorstep with a Rinnai unit.

Rinnai has always had a strong emphasis on customer service just like KD Plumbing and it is our belief that trust Rinnai with your gas hot water needs. KD Plumbing and thousands of our happy customers trust Rinnai continuous flow gas heaters and we believe you can too.

We highly recommend the following Rinnai Infinity Gas Water Heaters below:

Rinnai Infinity VT 16 Gas Hot Water System

The Rinnai Infinity VT 16 gas hot water system is a tried and proven instantaneous continuous flow gas heater. You will never have to worry about running out of hot water and to top it off it comes with an admirable 6.2 star equivalent energy rating, precise temperature control ability to ensure your families safety and efficiency. This unit comes with a 12 year heat exchanger warranty. KD Plumbing plumbers are your local hot water specialists and will be able to help you with all your Rinnai infinity 16 related questions, so give us a call now for more information!

Rinnai INFINITY VT 26 External

The Rinnai INFINITY VT 26 is a continuous flow gas hot water system to be used on external domestic installations. This fantastic unit produces an endless supply of hot water, and is also energy efficient as it only uses water when you need it. The Rinnai INFINITY VT 26 has an advanced minimum start-up flow rate which enables it to save on water consumption, and ensuring your instant gas hot water system is future proofed for water efficient tapware. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you install a Rinnai 26 system in your home.

Rinnai Infinity HD200 External

This Rinnai product is the answer to high demand commercial and residential properties. The unit is designed with large water usage and high flow rates in mind so is built tough. You can use three hot taps continuously with no issues which makes it ideal for cafes, restaurants and large family homes. Commercial kitchens can also increase the output temperature up to 85°C. Call us today to find out the latest information regarding this unit and how we can help you. The Infinity HD200 comes with a 5.9 star energy rating and a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger. Ask KD Plumbing for the toughest unit that won’t let you down.

Rinnai Infinity EF24 Condensing Continuous Flow

The Infinity EF 24 Continuous Flow hot water system is the most efficient hot water system in the Rinnai range, by using condensing technology that captures heat from the flue gas to preheat the incoming water. This gives it a 6.8 star energy star rating with 95% efficiency. You gain both water and energy efficiency by installing this unit and it comes with a 10 year tank warranty. This is a great option for commercial and domestic external applications. If you would like to find out how you can help become more environmentally sustainable by installing a high efficiency EF 24 hot water unit then call us today and one of our friendly staff will provide further information.