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It doesn’t matter if you require a new gas hot water system for a little apartment or a high capacity unit for a large family home KD Plumbing have the optimum solution for your water heating needs. Our services include the supply, installation, Gas Hot Water System Repairs, and maintenance of all the trusted brands including Rheem, Rinnai, and Bosch.

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Natural gas is available to a large area of homes across the North Shore in Auckland which makes gas hot water a popular choice for many North Shore homes. With many customers still using their inefficient old style electric storage hot water systems residents are now upgrading to one of the many models of gas water heaters.

Advantages of gas hot water systems

  • Fast – because gas burns at high temps this allows the system to heat water quickly
  • Energy efficient – some instant gas models are over 90 % efficiency with their rating which makes gas one of the most cost-effective water heating options
  • Environmentally friendly – greenhouse gas emissions are lower compared to electric systems
  • Never ending hot water – Instant systems continuously heat the water as you require it
  • LPG and Natural gas options are available
  • If you are connected to the main gas line a high-efficiency gas system is one of the most cost effective hot water options to install and operate


Modern gas storage hot water heaters are highly efficient when you compare them to the electric counterpart, with many models achieving a 4 and 5-star energy rating. Upgrading from electric to gas storage system is a job suitable for KD Plumbers, especially if your home is already connected to the natural gas pipeline.


People often call these units by several different names including continuous, instantaneous or tankless, infinity and instant gas hot water, these small units can save precious storage space and your energy. No power is wasted compared to trying to maintain a large tank above 60° to prevent legionella growth, instant gas heaters are only required to heat to a minimum of 50° as the water is needed and can be modified to deliver hotter water.

The compact units fit in various places to allow installation closer to the point of use, meaning less water wasted waiting for the hot to flow through to the tap.

Another bonus is that you will never run out!

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