Instant Gas Hot Water System

If you have an existing system that has let you down or you think it is about time for a upgrade before problems start appearing, Instant Gas Hot Water System can be a great solution for your family.

Before you make any decisions regarding a change, we recommend you discuss your hot water system options with a qualified certifying plumber. This will mean that you are getting the correct information regarding a system that could potentially be a very long term investment in your household. We strive for the highest quality service at KD Plumbing and our friendly team understand each and every customer has unique needs which we can cater to in a professional manner.

How do Gas Instantaneous Continuous Flow Heaters Work?
Instant Gas Hot Water System

An instantaneous continuous flow system is powered by gas and is generally very small in comparison to some hot water tanks you may have seen installed in some houses. The system works by heating water as you require it rather than continuously heating an entire tank. Each time you turn a tap or shower on, the instantaneous gas hot water heater fires up and heats only the amount you use. A stand out feature of a system like this is the ability to have continuous flow, which means that water will continue to be heated so long as the tap is open and only when the taps are closed will it will stop the heating of water. This feature makes instant gas hot water systems one of the most energy efficient hot water solutions. The low energy requirements means it costs you less for the same hot shower.

Instant Gas Hot Water System Repair, Installation OR Replacement

To receive advice from an expert on instant gas hot water systems on the North Shore don’t hesitate to contact us on 0210468037 so our friendly team can have a qualified hot water technician to your home and discuss the variety of instant gas hot water heater options. Don’t forget if you find yourself with no hot water we do provide afterhours emergency services. Our gas fitters and plumbers are happy to help.

Here are a few of our favourite brands in the continuous flow gas heaters range: Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch