Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are a fantastic option for many New Zealand houses. If you are solo or have a large family, KD Plumbing has small, medium and large systems available to ensure you have the best electric hot water heater installed to make sure you’re never left standing in a cold shower ever again.

When spending money on an electric water heater it’s important to know that you’re getting the best quality and most bang for buck. Electric hot water systems make up almost 35% of Auckland household energy usage! The team at KD Plumbing are fully qualified plumbers and have the expertise to guide you in the right direction to make the right choice for your home.

How Do Electric Water Heaters Work?

Some important things to know about electric hot water systems, these are storage systems that have water (heated by electricity) in the tank ready for you each time you turn the tap on. They distribute pressure to outlets throughout your home and depending on the specific unit, they can service as many or as few taps, mixers and showers as you require which means no more low pressure showers under a weak showerhead.

Electric hot water systems are generally the most low cost type of systems to have installed, and the running costs depends on electricity rates, however there is a solution for every budget and every home’s needs.

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems Installation, Repair & Replacement

KD Plumbing plumbers can make tough decisions easy by supplying you with all the pro’s con’s and most up to date advice for Auckland residents. Give us a call on 0210468037 to discuss the best suited options, and if you get stuck without hot water don’t forget that we also offer 24/7 support and emergency services. Our plumbers and gasfitters are only ever a call away!

Trusted KD Plumbing electric hot water systems:

Dux Electric Heaters, Rheem Electric Heaters

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