Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

New Zealand has some of the highest respiratory related health issues in the world, so with that in mind wouldn’t it be sensible to do all we can to breathe clean air?

Respiratory problems can occur because of several reasons and in New Zealand we unfortunately experience most of them. Pollens are the main culprit externally, however inside it’s dust mite. Coming home to escape the pollen outside is great, however if you’re heading straight into an area that is circulating unclean air, you could be making matters worse.

Dust is a nuisance throughout most areas in people’s homes and requires regular cleaning to keep under control. Gaining access inside of ducting is not an easy task and requires special tools. The build-up of dust is a breeding ground for bugs, mites and cockroaches which means each time you turn the heating system on, the filth inside will be lifted and blown into your home and eventually result in you breathing them in.

Regular Issues

The duct work throughout your home is highly likely to need a clean, without a regular maintenance schedule it is easy to forget about. When we get calls with people complaining of the following issues with their ductwork it is a sign that the ducting needs attention.

  • Loud noise from vents
  • Stinky odour from vents
  • Dust and dirt around the edge of vents
  • Hay fever symptoms and sneezing when unit turned on
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Flaring up of allergies

We can help you

If any of the above symptoms sound like anything you are experiencing, pick up the phone and call KD Plumbing to let one of our heating specialists inspect your ducting. Your health is worth it.

KD Plumbing are experts in duct cleaning by using the following process:
Our specialists will access the ducting and remove any foreign objects that have made their way into the system over the years.
After cleaning the ducting, we use a CCTV camera to make sure that all the debris have been completely removed.

The result is a dust free, insect free ducting system, so you can breathe easy with clean, fresh air throughout your home.

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