Vulcan Gas Storage Hot Water System

If you have a Vulcan Freeloader gas storage hot water system that is leaking or has gone cold then we can come out and repair or replace it for you. The Vulcan Freeloader model is old and dated but you’re in luck because the KD Plumbing technicians still carry multiple spare parts to have you up and running with a hot shower.

If you are having repeat problems with your Vulcan Freeloader going cold and you are finding it hard to ignite the pilot flame then we do recommend you consider upgrading. A popular upgrade among our customers is the Rheem Stellar which can be placed in the same position as your existing Vulcan Freeloader. The friendly team at KD Plumbing can arrange to have your old Vulcan taken away when we replace it with a Stellar to save you any trouble.

If you would like to have your Vulcan Freeloader problems solved then call the North Shore based KD Plumbing team on 0210468037 now to book an appointment for one of our hot water experts to discuss the best hot water option for your family.