LPG and Natural Gas is currently the most cost effective form of gas installation for heating and cooking in comparison to electricity.

KD Plumbing can supply, install and service all your Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) needs. LPG is sometimes referred to as Propane and is one of the best alternative fuels for all your home gas requirements.

LPG when installed correctly is a clean burning fuel that is both cost effective and natural. It is affordable and KD Plumbing recommend it.

With power prices rising, LPG and Natural Gas appear to be an even better alternative. From our experience we have found that most people love the flood of instant heat generated by gas for hot water, heating and cooking.

Many areas of the North Shore in Auckland do not have a natural gas on their street available, the 45kg LPG bottled gas appears to be the first-choice alternative for hot water, heating and cooking.

Reasons for Installing LPG

  • LPG is cost effective to install for your home or business
  • LPG is convenient and reliable
  • LPG Installation is environmentally friendly to other types of fuel.
  • LPG Installation has one of the highest heat outputs

LPG Home and Business Installation

KD Plumbing can install your LPG gas automatic changeover setup in one day. We are able to install on your home and commercial property with our competitive prices throughout Auckland ranging from $400 upwards depending on, the number of appliances, LPG gas connection points required and ease of accessibility.

The diverse range of Appliance we can install

  • Hot water unit installed with both LPG and Natural Gas
  • Gas Space Heaters installed with either LPG or Natural Gas
  • BBQ’s installed with LPG and Natural Gas
  • Gas Hob installed with LPG and Natural Gas
  • LPG Gas installation can be low cost and very effective.

KD Plumbing can answer any questions you might have through this process. Get in touch today for a great deal and high quality gas installation and plumbing. Our friendly team is available on 0210468037