Blocked Stormwater Drain

A blocked stormwater drain can cause damage to your home and potentially severe damage when it has been raining for prolonged periods of time. The spouting on your house and the connected stormwater drainage outlets around the front and rear of your section are all crucial in the efficient operation of your local stormwater management system. Blocked stormwater drains happen all the time, particularly after a heavy downpour of rain in many suburbs around the North Shore in Auckland.

My Stormwater Drain is Blocked, Why?

Storm water drains are susceptible to blocking due to mud, dirt, leaves, tree roots and silt. Each of these flow into your pipe work and disrupt the water flow. Some stormwater systems consist of a complex network of pipes and because of this, unblocking stormwater drains more often than not a quick, simple DIY. It is a project that should be undertaken by an experienced, qualified professional.

How can I prevent damage?

There are a couple of preventative measures that you as a responsible home owner and do to help prevent or at the very least minimise damage to your stormwater drains. If you follow these instructions then you will help keep your outdoor drains as free flowing as possible, giving you a much higher chance of preventing a blockage.

If we could stress one word it would be “Consistency”, if you undertake this maintenance regularly instead of a one off and then not again until a few years later it will be much more effective.

  • Remove leaves, sticks and dirt from inside your spouting and downpipes monthly.
  • Inspect inside your downpipes, quite often small blockages can be flushed away with your garden hose before they develop into a bigger issue.
  • Gutter guards could be installed to help prevent any leaves or sticks from entering the water way.
  • Consider installing mesh or a guard onto stormwater grates to prevent soil and debris from entering the drains.
  • For any blockage that you are not able to fix, cesspits that are slow draining or water beginning to pool around your drains, call a qualified plumber now. Stormwater drains should be cleared as soon as you find the issue as this will save you time and money in the long run before it develops into a bigger problem.

Need Blocked Stormwater Drain Cleaning?

KD Plumbing have multiple options when it comes to a blocked stormwater drain. If you can’t find the time to carry out the above list on your own, our stormwater drain cleaning plumbers can get that done for you. You can rely on us to take great care of the drains for you. One of our other options is to hire our plumber to undertake regular hydro jetting to clean away any debris that have begun to build up in your drains, this way you nip it in the bud before it develops into a complete blockage.

Lastly, if you are stumped and can’t find solutions for a blocked stormwater drain, our plumbers will find a cost efficient solution. We offer a honest and reliable service so call today on 0210468037 to find which solution is best suited to your unique needs.