Dux Electric Hot Water System

The Dux range of Hot Water Cylinders can not only be installed internally inside your home but also externally outside to save valuable space within your home.
All Dux Hot Water cylinders come with dual inlet and outlets for greater flexibility when installing.

The Dux hot water brand is manufactured in a world class facility in the Southern Highlands of Australia, using a Quality Endorsed Company production system. This makes sure that customers have purchased top quality water heaters, and a hot water cylinder that will provide continuous hot water for all needs – safely, economically, and for many years to come.

Dux is a trusted and reliable supplier of KD Plumbing, we are proud to back their commitment to reduced environmental impact and their eco sustainable solutions to electric water heating. KD Plumbing can help you from start to finish with any Dux electric hot water system installation, supplying and plumbing in any Dux system for you.

Dux electric Hot water systems are a trusted solution for many Auckland homes, they have been reliable for us for many years and can do the same for your family, don’t wait, call KD Plumbing to find out how. We have shown below some of our favourite models in the Dux Proflo Hot Water System range:

Proflo Electric Hot Water 25L- 50L

This particular range of water heaters is suited to smaller homes. These units are substantially smaller, while still providing high pressure to multiple taps. These Proflo hot water systems have been designed to look smooth and clean, additionally you also have the option of having the heater installed inside or outdoors for your convenience. If you feel that you could benefit from this, contact us and our hot water specialists can help. The Dux Proflo electric hot water heater comes with a Seven year warranty on the tank for your peace of mind.

Proflo Electric Hot Water 80L- 400L

The larger Proflo 80L- 400L hot water heaters are the big brothers to the 25L- 50L range. This selection is suited to larger families with higher water consumption. Dux water heaters have a wide variety of sizes and will no doubt have just the one to suit your needs. KD Plumbing specialises in larger systems and we can give you advice on which best suits your individual household. For added piece of mind all systems are covered by Dux for Seven years.

The KD Plumbing team are experts and that’s always the safest way to go when purchasing a new Dux electric hot water system, call KD Plumbing now and leave it to the experts.