Why choose KD Plumbing as your plumbers on the North Shore?

Stress free Experience from a North Shore Plumber

We have extensive experience and specialist knowledge of our trade thanks to our involvement in complex projects over the North Shore.

This has allowed our team of plumbers on the North Shore to confidently deal with any plumbing problem our valued clients come up against, no matter if it’s in their home, business, or commercial building.

Our expert plumbers are:

  • Neatly presented
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Clean and tidy
  • Professional
  • Knowledgeable

In fact, you’ll be so pleased with our service that you’ll want to choose KD Plumbing for any ongoing plumbing maintenance in the future.

We stay up-to-date with the latest equipment, tools, and technology, which keeps us ahead of our competitors, and we’re here to help you the best way we can with whatever your need!

Respect For Your Property

We know the feeling of having to clean up after someone else, especially if you have paid them. For this reason we ensure we leave your property the way we found it if not neater and tidier.

Family Involved Business

We believe in providing great service and having happy clients more than taking a huge profit.
We have an award winning team who love what they do and are focused on making sure that our business provides exceptional services. We also offer a personal touch and truly understand your concerns.

Passionate Plumber North Shore

Our North Shore plumbers love what they do and are highly committed to delivering the best services. We take pride in helping our clients with their plumbing problems: we want to help you fix annoying plumbing issues or be a part of your next big project so you can get on with enjoying the important things in life.

Plumber North Shore With The Highest Plumbing Certification and Standards

As we employ only the best staff and use the best materials and tools, we can ensure we’ll deliver you the optimum standard possible on every job or project. We know the importance of meeting budget and time restraints and will work with you on all jobs – no matter how big or small to achieve this.
KD plumbing is an accredited, insured, and certified business.