Rheem Electric Hot Water System

It was the summer of 1969 when Rheem began manufacturing hot water cylinder on Wigan Street, New Zealand.

Rheem has been at the forefront of Mains Pressure Electric water heaters since they were first introduced to the people living in Auckland. KD Plumbing has a wealth of knowledge about Rheem hot water units and are happy to answer any questions 24/7.

Rheem has been confronting customers hot water problems head on over the years and has come up with a solution for almost all households. If you find yourself with no hot water we are sure a Rheem electric hot water system installed by a KD Plumbing technician can help you.

Some of our most popular Rheem products are shown below:

Rheem Stainless Steel Mains Pressure Water Heaters

This Rheem stainless steel model is great for tough New Zealand conditions and can cater for small to medium size families. The Rheem 180 is low maintenance and uses the latest Incoloy heating element to heat up your water to a safe temperature. Rheem NZ stand behind their products and offer a 10 year warranty which helps make this one of their most popular electric water heaters. Contact KD Plumbing now to see how this can be installed in your home.

Rheem (VE) Mains Pressure Electric Water Heaters

The Vitrous Enamel mains pressure cylinder is a proven top performer in the Rheem catalogue and can be applied to various conditions. These fantastic electric water heaters have been designed and manufactured in New Zealand to meet the specific requirements for Energy Performance. With a whopping 40 liters a minute of hot water delivery they are designed to meet the requirements of most Auckland homes.

The insulation used in Rheem mains pressure electric water heaters is high quality and allows the desired water temperature to be maintained for a longer period of time which will save you money on water heating bills.

Rheem Optima Mains Pressure Water Heaters

The Rheem Optima is a great dependable water heater for big families who have high water usage demands. With 40 liters of hot water a minute and capacities ranging from 180 to 400L the Optima range has you covered. The cylinders from 300 to 400 liters have twin elements installed that supply you with boosted hot water supply 24/7.