Roof & Spouting Leaks

KD Plumbing offers quality repair methods for all types of leaking roof and leaking spouting. Roof and gutter problems can cause serious damage to other parts of your home so it is very important to get onto it before the situation develops. If you require emergency assistance, we can have a certified and experienced roof plumber to your address to carry out an inspection and make the repair of your roof and spouting problem. We provide roofing, guttering, spouting and downpipe plumbing services across the North Shore in Auckland.

Common Issues North Shore homes encounter

  • Blocked spouting and gutters
  • Leaking roofs and spouting / gutter
  • Not enough proper roof and spouting maintenance
  • General wear and tear of roof and spouting

How KD Plumbing can help

We can assist with the following:

Drone Inspections – We use the latest drone technology to carry out aerial inspections of multi storey buildings and provide high definition footage of areas requiring attention. This method will save you expensive roof access costs during the initial assessment.

1. Leaking roofs and leaky spouting repairs

If you find that your roof is leaking, or you can hear a continuous dripping sound from your spouting. We can fix leaky roofs and gutters. If you would like to repair the leaking roof and gutter on your home, give us a call.

2.Spouting replacements

If you have leaky spouting, which can result in damp spots around your house; for example, on your deck, it’s recommended to have a professional inspect and replace if required. We can carry out repairs as required and also replace spouting for all types of houses. If you have problems issues with your gutter, call us right away.

3. Clean blocked spouting

For any problems with your spouting and roof plumbing – call KD Plumbing on 0210468037 for friendly service and prompt response.