Natural Gas Installation

Natural Gas is made up of high concentrations of methane, the simplest hydrocarbon. A solo carbon and an additional four hydrogen atoms create Methane molecules. Rest assured that natural gas has a fantastic safety record. Unfortunately, gas leaks do happen and luckily Methane is lighter than air so disperses easily. In Auckland, the use of Natural Gas is strictly regulated by tough industry technical standards, which adds another tick as to why Natural Gas has such a fantastic safety record.

Be Eco-friendly with Natural Gas

The many uses of Natural Gas including hot water, cooking and space heating, use lower amounts of carbon dioxide which is dispersed into the environment compared to the use of other fossil fuels. For this reason, Natural Gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels available. If you choose to use Natural Gas instead of electricity or another kind of fossil fuels, you can do your part to lower the quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) dispersed into the environment.

How do I get Natural Gas?

North Shore in Auckland has a network of underground pipes, natural gas is delivered to domestic, commercial and industrial customers all over Auckland. Gas sales are managed by various retail energy companies while companies like Vector cater to the transmission and allotment of Natural Gas. Whether it’s for your home or business, Natural Gas provides you with a combination of competence, dependability and responsiveness.

New Natural Gas Meter

The first step is to check if your home has natural gas on the street which can be found via the Gas estimator on Vectors website. You may be using LPG or electricity currently for cooking, hot water, room heating, and the purpose is to change one or more of these with appliances that use Natural Gas. A homeowner, energy retailer or Natural Gas specialist can apply for the connection application and submit for approval. The general wait time for a connection offer is within 10 business days.

Once Vector has installed the meter at your property, contact a licensed gasfitter or hire a Natural Gas expert to install appliances.

KD Plumbing can help with Natural Gas installation and connection. Give us a call on 0210468037 for exceptional natural gas installation and plumbing service while receiving competitive pricing for North Shore homes.