Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems have become extremely popular across New Zealand in recent years and its easy to see why. Gas hot water units can generally be installed in households that are also able to run electric hot water systems. It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is, the friendly team at KD Plumbing can give you accurate information for you to make a decision on the best gas hot water system that will suit your particular needs to ensure everybody in the family has long, hot water showers all year round.

How do Gas Storage Hot Water Systems Work?

Gas storage water heaters can hold large quantities of water inside the storage tank which is heated to the desired temperature by a gas powered burner. Gas storage water heaters have a very fast recovery rate so the family members who takes long showers won’t affect the rest of the family as the water will be heated back up to temperature very quickly.

Today we would struggle to live without hot water even though it is a luxury item. Luckily this luxury isn’t going to cost you the earth as gas hot water units are efficient to operate. The rising costs of power make the option of gas systems even more appealing. Gas hot water systems are now even cheaper to run than an electric equivalent.

Gas Hot Water Systems Installation and Repairs

If you are unsure and would like some friendly advice, give us a call on 0210468037 and we will have a certified and friendly specialist sent to your home to provide you with various gas hot water systems, North Shore wide. Don’t forget if you do find yourself without hot water we also provide 24/7 support and emergency services. Our local plumbers are always happy to help.